Cryptocurrency Revolution – 2020

Cryptocurrency Revolution
                                                                           Cryptocurrency Revolution

Have you ever tried investing in cryptocurrency,

I sure wish there was more transparency,

Most know its a high risk investment,

But we want to take part in the new currency testament,

No more trust in government controlled fiat money,

But who knew Satoshi Nakamoto would tap into their bowl of honey.

So here we stand with our little financial revolution,

That will someday rid the world of malarkey paper money pollution.

With Ethereum an other altcoins nipping at her heels,

Bitcoin will always have our golden seal.  

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Cryptocurrency Revolution





The Job 2/2/20


The Job
Poem about a job that a person must go to but hates


Sitting here trapped by fear,
You prepare for work and almost shed a tear,
Trapped by finances and responsibility,
You forsake your happiness and pride for stability,
With no exit strategy in sight,
You decide that joy and satisfaction is not your right,
So you stand up and stare in the mirror,
To convince yourself that your family is what this is for,
The you splash some water on your face,
And accept your emotional and spiritual disgrace,
So you open the door with a fake smile,
While secretly waiting to walk that last mile.

                                                              The Job                                                                 

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Grandparents Rights Poem 2/1/20


 grandparents rights
A poem about grandparent rights poem
Grandparents Rights Law
Gotta hate dead beat parent
Beautiful Justice

Grandparents Rights Poem

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My Sadness

My Sadness
                                                                                                  My Sadness is a poem about depression


Why do I feel like I am falling under the spell of depression,

I do not think I am due for confession,

It may be from this constant self reflection.

Why is my life filled with so many sorrows and regrets,

I bet God refuses to let me forget.

My memories are like parasites on my soul,

Which is always taking a continuous toll.

As I walk down this dark lonely path,

I am forced to do the math.

Either crawl in a corner with a bottle and mope,

Or start to climb this emotional slope.

The odds against me are great,

But a better self defense I am forced to create.

So stand beside me during this monumental task,

And just maybe I will be a able to remove this depressing mask.

My Sadness

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Lost In The Past 1/23/20

Lost In The Past
Lost in the Past is a Poem about love and regret


Have you ever imagined being married to your first love,

I am sure it is like watching a gliding white dove,

You remember them from the past,

But you know this fictional tale will never last.

The retrospect of spring fling fun,

Will leave you destined for quite a sad stun.

You must be freed from this prison of despair,

But the search for lost love is not going to be the repair.

Please focus on your current relations dying flare ,

For misery always follows any sordid affair.

For life is to short to wander with regret,

Your solution is right beside you and you should never forget.

So turn your back to Facebook’s artificial snare,

And face the world as a newly rejuvenated pair.

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Lost In The Past


The Funeral 1/12/2020

The Funeral 1/12/2020 1

Why do we go to the funeral when people die,
Is it that we find comfort in holding hands with people while we cry.
We wipe our eyes and sniffle with a sigh,
Because you will never be able to say goodbye.
They speak with clarity and try to be fair,
But to tell the truth they would never dare.
While standing there rubbing your hands through your ever thinning hair,
You realize one day you also will be there.
So we celebrate their life without despair,
Until it’s our turn to be laying ever so peacefully up there.