The Job 2/2/20


The Job
Poem about a job that a person must go to but hates


Sitting here trapped by fear,
You prepare for work and almost shed a tear,
Trapped by finances and responsibility,
You forsake your happiness and pride for stability,
With no exit strategy in sight,
You decide that joy and satisfaction is not your right,
So you stand up and stare in the mirror,
To convince yourself that your family is what this is for,
The you splash some water on your face,
And accept your emotional and spiritual disgrace,
So you open the door with a fake smile,
While secretly waiting to walk that last mile.

                                                              The Job                                                                 

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Grandparents Rights Poem 2/1/20


 grandparents rights
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Grandparents Rights Poem

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The Funeral 1/12/2020

The Funeral 1/12/2020 1

Why do we go to the funeral when people die,
Is it that we find comfort in holding hands with people while we cry.
We wipe our eyes and sniffle with a sigh,
Because you will never be able to say goodbye.
They speak with clarity and try to be fair,
But to tell the truth they would never dare.
While standing there rubbing your hands through your ever thinning hair,
You realize one day you also will be there.
So we celebrate their life without despair,
Until it’s our turn to be laying ever so peacefully up there.