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           App Review

       Have you ever heard of I’ve been aware of the exchange for awhile now, but just recently choose to give them a try. While watching one of my favorite youtubers  Lark Davis (TheCryptoLark), I noticed a brief promo for that spurred my interest.

          Lark Davis discussed a feature that allowed account holders to use debit/credit cards against their cryptocurrency balance. I was also intrigued by the crypto earn feature which is very similar to staking. I figured why not give them a try, I’ve pretty much tried every reputable exchange with a mixed bag of results.  My mind was made up when he said that I would receive $50 in MCO tokens if I staked 50 MCO for a certain amount time along with signing up for a card. This didn’t happen as promised, but we will get into that later.

            I first attempted to sign up for via there exchange website and soon discovered that it was not offered to the United States. I then downloaded the app and started the sign up process and successfully registered an account.   Once it was time to fund the account, I ran into problems that would have caused most people to given up. would allow me to enter my debit card information, but every time I attempted to fund the account, the transaction would be declined. This was quite frustrating to say the least.

            I attempted to use a several different cards and each attempt was declined. I then started to worry that one of my cards may have the account frozen due to too many unsuccessful attempts. Guess what, that’s exactly what happened when I attempted to buy something a couple days later.

             At that point my frustration got the better of me and I gave up. I was done with and the regulatory problems that I was experiencing. Its a well known fact that traditional financial institutions are not a fan of cryptocurrency and some make it very difficult to transfer funds to and from crypto exchanges.

            While sitting around the house the following day it struck me like a bolt of lightening. Why don’t you transfer some Bitcoin or Ethereum to them instead of fiat currency. The whole concept behind cryptocurrency is to get away from banks and their control over our money. I felt so stupid when I quickly found the cryptocurrency deposit feature and funded my account with Bitcoin.

           Once my new account was funded, I started to explore the app and was impressed with its ease of use. There were plenty of cryptocurrencies to choose from and I didn’t feel as limited as Coinbase and Coinbase Pro have left me on many occasions in the past.

 even has Cardano( ADA) listed which is my all time favorite crypto project next to Bitcoin. This told me that this exchange has foresight and will reap rewards when the Shelly Testnet goes live. I decided to purchase a few choice cryptocurrencies and proceeded to stake 50 MCO tokens with crypto earn.

           Once the staking was completed, I attempted to sign up for a debit/credit card. It appeared to be ordered, but my account always stated that the status was pending and I have not received my 50 MCO to this date. On the positive note, I was impressed with the high rate of returns that offers.

        I staked CRO tokens for 14% annual return for 30 days. They offer as high as 18%, but I didn’t want to put all my eggs in one basket on a test run. I am sure you understand the logic. Ethereum and Bitcoin don’t offer as much, but its better to be earning something than nothing.

           So the big question is would I recommend  and the answer is yes. I am a bit disappointed when it came to the the $50 bonus, but I am hoping that the process just takes longer than I expected. With that said, please remember that I am not a financial adviser and I am just another guy on the internet with a passion for cryptocurrency. Please do your own research before you make any financial decisions.

              If you have found this App Review helpful and you are planning to join, please use one of the links found throughout this page. I will receive small credit from and the money earned will help me keep my blog up and running. If you choose to go directly to, that is fine too. Happy trading with whatever exchange you plan to use.

Check Out The Crypto Lark video below for a more insightful view into Please feel free to fast forward to the 4:34 time mark of the vlog.

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Reserve Rights Stable Coin Cryptocurrency

Reserve Rights
                               Reserve Rights

     The Reserve Rights Stable Coin Cryptocurrency has been in my radar for sometime now, but I never actually researched the project. I first heard of Reserve Rights during a YouTube presentation by Crypto Chico .  Crypto Chico can be quite controversial at times, but you can not deny his knowledge and ability to find hidden gems. The Reserve Rights Stable Coin Cryptocurrency just may be that sleeping giant that we all have been searching for with dreams of Lamborghini’s just on the horizon.

      If you follow cryptocurrency or blockchain technology, you know that stable coins are scattered across the industry with some being much more accountable than others. I am not going to name the various  projects in fear that I may offend some of you, but there are some questionable stable coins out there that many believe will hurt the cryptocurrency revolution. These coins that name will not be spoken have a tendency to print/ create currency out of thin air not much different that the United States Federal Reserve. 

      The Reserve Protocol has three pre-planned phases before becoming an independent entity in the blockchain sphere. The first phase is the centralized phase where the Reserve will be backed by tokenized US Dollar collateral tokens. The second phase is the decentralized phase, which will be a selection of assets that stabilize in relation to US dollar, but in a decentralized fashion. The third phase is the most critical phase. During this phase, the Reserve will no longer be associated with the US Dollar and it will establish its own purchasing power.

      In a nutshell, this is how the protocol is supposed to work. If the RSV token goes above $1 in value, the protocol will sell newly minted RSR or other tokenized assets in order to push the value of the RVR down to 1$. When the value of the RSV falls below $1, the protocol will then purchase tokenized assets bringing the value of the RSV back up to a $1. If and when the vault accumulates excess RSV through appreciation or transaction fees, RSR tokens token holders can purchase this which will in turn stabilize the $1 value of the RSV.

     I know this all sounds a bit confusing, but the website has an excellent page dedicated to explaining exactly how the protocol is supposed to to work. I suggest that you head over to their official website when done reading this blog for a more detailed explanation about how this protocol is supposed to work.

     While researching the Reserve Rights Stable Coin Cryptocurrency, I noticed quite a bit of underlying activity that has not exactly caught the attention of the crypto community. This cryptocurrency as been lurking in the background for quite a while now, but after reviewing recent twitter postings from The Reserve , they appear to picking up moment. 

    I remember searching for exchanges that carried this cryptocurrency when I first heard of it and could only find it on a few questionable exchanges with ridiculous transaction fees. Now RSR is available on exchanges and Dex like Kyber Network, Huobi Global, Idex, and more. 

   The Reserve Rights Stable Coin Cryptocurrency project is also backed by some big names like Coinbase Ventures, Peter Thiel, Sam Altman and more. A complete list of influential investors can be found on the website under investors. I was super excited when I saw Coinbase Ventures, but then I remembered that they also backed Matic. If you haven’t dealt with this project, I suggest you don’t. They have a history of pump and dumps even though the technology they were offering seemed to be legit. 

   We all have had dreams of getting in on the ground floor with a cryptocurrency project and becoming wealthier than our wildest dreams. I believe that there is a possibility that Reserve Rights Stable Coin Cryptocurrency just might be one to make these outlandish dreams come true. But without adoption, they will will just disappear like so many projects have done in the past.

    Please remember that I am just another guy out there in the internet with a passion for cryptocurrency and investing. I am not a financial advisor and I suggest that you do your own research before making any financial decisions. Good luck in making your investing dreams come true.

     Reserve Rights Stable Coin Cryptocurrency

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50% Off Ledger Hardware Wallet Sale

Ledger Hardware Wallet
                      Ledger Hardware Wallet

   I spent yesterday morning perusing the internet after the Bitcoin Halving and I saw an excellent cryptocurrency hardware wallet offer by Ledger. Ledger is now offering wallets at a 50% discount, which is an awesome savings.  I have seen them do this offer in the past, but it is usually done around the holiday season.

   Ledger Hardware Wallet currently supports over 1270 currencies and has become an industry standard. If you haven’t purchased a Ledger Hardware Wallet yet, but own cryptocurrency, what are you waiting for? It amazes me how people are willing to invest thousands of dollars into cryptocurrency, but refuse to invest $100.00 much less $50.00 into the safest most secure hardware wallet available.

    Everyone needs to keep their cryptocurrency safe and secure at all times. The world is full of evil doer’s that will do anything and everything in an attempt to defraud people and businesses of their cryptocurrency. Over the past three years, I can’t even begin to tell you how many stories I have seen and heard online about corporations and people having their funds stolen. The amounts have ranged from just a few dollars to millions of dollars. 

   There are plenty of quality free wallets available like Exodus, Jaxx, and Monarch wallet, but none of them are as secure as the  Ledger Hardware Wallet.  Ledger stores your cryptocurrency on the blockchain, and you retain complete ownership of the crypto keys. No one can access your cryptocurrency without physically having your Ledger Hardware Wallet in their possession or if they obtain your 24 word recovery phrase.

    In conclusion, no one wants to become a static and I believe obtaining a Ledger Hardware Wallet will help guarantee that your cryptocurrency will not be stolen. 

50% Off Ledger Hardware Wallet Sale

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Have You Heard of Nimiq Cryptocurrency?

      Have you heard of Nimiq Cryptocurrency? Well neither had I until I watched a YouTube broadcast by Coin Bureau about 6 months ago. To be 100% honest, I had forgotten all about this currency until recently when I noticed it being suggested by yet another YouTube Channel. With occasions like this occurs, I usually decide to do additional research into the project to see if it is worthy of my attention.

Nimiq Cryptocurrency
                        Nimiq Cryptocurrency

   Nimiq Cryptocurrency  which is traded under the symbol Nim is based on blockchain technology that is intended to be used for currency. The technology behind Nimiq is focused on decentralization and being resistant to censorship. This project uses blockchain technology similar to Bitcoin, but was designed to run on a computer browser. Because Nimiq has been designed to function within the browser window, it allows ease of use which is essential for adoption.

    This crypto project is intended to be currency. Not all blockchain projects are intended to be cryptocurrency and this can cause confusion for many novice beginners as adoption takes place. Nimiq Cryptocurrency allows its users to pay online, transfer funds internationally, receive donations, storage of funds, and etc.

     You are probably thinking how does Nimiq work and what makes it special? Nimiq Cryptocurrency is a browser based blockchain which allows for friction-less payment protocol. From its inception, Nimiq Cryptocurrency has been designed to work with the newest web based technologies like IndexedDB, JavaScript, WebAssembly, and WebRTC. In laymen terms, Nimiq has been designed to run on web browser applications.

Nimiq Cryptocurrency is built upon web based technologies, which allows Nimiq is to be mined through web browsers.  This is quite different than any other cryptocurrency that I have researched in the past. I found this to be quite intriguing to say the least. The set up process for browser based wallet was very easy. It was so easy, I actually thought that I did something wrong. Once the wallet was set up, I received 1 NIM from a crowd funded source.

  Nimiq Mining was equally as easy to set up. I was mining in the matter of minutes instead of days without unsaid amount of funds spent. If you have ever tried building a mining rig in the past, you know exactly what I am talking about.  These projects can become very expensive with little to no return. Nimiq offers its miners the ability to mine on their web browser with little to no effort.  They also offer more complicated mining setups, but this requires downloading proprietary software. 

     I decided to give the advanced mining software a try since I already had experience in mining cryptocurrency. I didn’t have much luck with the software provided, but quickly found a YouTube presentation provided by Nimiq that suggested Nimiq Desktop Miner . I had immediate success with this miner, but I soon discovered that my CPU was over heating and I had to lower the settings. If you have never mined cryptocurrency in the past, I suggest using just the browser miner to avoid irreversible damage to your computer.

    Nimiq is currently available on respected exchanges like Kucoin and HitBTC under the symbol NIM. I have never used HitBTC, but I have used Kucoin successfully in the past. If you are going to use Kucoin, I have provided links that will provide a small affiliate reward to True Life Blogs if you decide to use their service.  If not, that is okay to.

    Their are only a few cryptocurrencies with the ease of use that Nimiq offers .Nimiq is currently trading at $0.000663 which makes it quite a steal, but a very high risk investment. At its current valuation, Nimiq Cryptocurrency is an excellent investment for speculative investors. It has a long way to go before it can reach adoption, but if they manage to pull it off, this cryptocurrency will be a game changer. 

     I plan to watch this cryptocurrency closely because they appear to have bright future and may just be the sleeping the giant I have been looking for. Unfortunately, only time will tell. But as the old saying goes “No risk, No reward”. Please remember that I am just another person on the internet with a passion for blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. I am not a financial adviser and it is important that you do your own research before making any financial decisions. 

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  Have You Heard of Nimiq Cryptocurrency? 

Buy Nimiq Cryptocurrency Here


Presearch Affiliate Marketing


              It’s been awhile since a cryptocurrency actually caught my eye due to true adoption potential, but it has finally happened thanks to Jason Appleton. Jason Appleton goes by the name Crypto Crow and has a YouTube Channel that I follow and have found to be informative. Last week during one of his broadcast, Jason introduced as a potential new up and comer. While watching his presentation, I agreed that Presearch Affiliate Marketing Opportunity may have a chance to change how Affiliate Marketing works within search engines.

                As you probably already know, you need to be careful in who you follow in the crypto world because many online personalities are just out for themselves. They appear to care about their following, but are actually just out for personal financial gain. A lot of times they will discuss a cryptocurrency projects without disclosing that they are actually providing a paid endorsement. Jason Appleton has been 100% forth coming and has gained my trust. He is also a supporter of Cardano , which is my favorite blockchain project.

                As you probably already know, affiliate marketing is an industry worth well over $12 billion dollars and growing everyday. With numbers like that, it was just a matter of time before a cryptocurrency start up attempted to tap into the industry. With a bit of know-how and innovation, I believe has accomplished this feat with a Presearch (PRE) on the Ethereum Blockchain.

                The search engine gives users the ability to earn while they search similar to Brave. They also protect their user’s information like Brave does, but there is a major difference between these two search engines. Presearch gives its users the ability to apply their earned tokens towards Affiliate Marketing through staking.

                For example, if you purchase or earn PRE tokens, you can stake them against a Keyword on the search engine. The highest bidder gains ownership of the keyword and all the affiliate traffic associated with the keyword. The Keyword will be placement at the top of all searches that are associated with it. If you chose to sell your tokens or remove them from the stake, the second highest bidder will now get the traffic. Anyone who follows cryptocurrency knows that staking is the future and this is such a basic, but ingenuous way to use staking.

                Presearch tokens can be purchased on or earned, but they are also now available on Kucoin Exchange. This is excellent news because Kucoin is a respected exchange with reasonable fees unlike many other competitors. I can remember paying outrageous transaction fees to various unnamed exchanges before I understood how everything worked. I am sure I’m not alone on that one. I view it as participating in the learning curve unfortunately.

       currently has over a million users, which is a respectable number, but pales in comparison to search engine giants like Google and Bing. Presearch has a long way to go, but the concept and real world adoption is there. The question is if they can get the crypto world community to embrace their project and cause mass adoption in the Affiliate Marketing industry.

                Please remember that this blockchain project is speculative and only time will tell if mas adoption takes place. They may be on the verge of changing the Affiliate Marketing industry forever or they may disappear into oblivion like so many other projects has done. Please remember that I am just a guy out there on the internet with a passion for cryptocurrency. I am not a financial adviser and it is important for you to do your own research.

                 If you are planning to give Presearch a try, please support my blog by clicking on one of the Presearch Links throughout the blog and True Life Blogs will get a small stipend for your patronage. 

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Presearch Affiliate Marketing

Cryptocurrency Revolution – 2020

Cryptocurrency Revolution
                                                                           Cryptocurrency Revolution

Have you ever tried investing in cryptocurrency,

I sure wish there was more transparency,

Most know its a high risk investment,

But we want to take part in the new currency testament,

No more trust in government controlled fiat money,

But who knew Satoshi Nakamoto would tap into their bowl of honey.

So here we stand with our little financial revolution,

That will someday rid the world of malarkey paper money pollution.

With Ethereum an other altcoins nipping at her heels,

Bitcoin will always have our golden seal.  

 Learn More About Cryptocurrency

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Cryptocurrency Revolution