The Walt Disney World Resort Trip for My Wife

The Walt Disney World Resort Trip
The Walt Disney World Resort Trip

My beautiful wife of 15 years is fascinated with Walt Disney World Resort and I decided to give her a dream trip this year because she deserves it. It all started about one year ago when a co-worker mentioned that it was important to flatter your wife with gifts. My response to that was that my wife was low maintenance and really does not want anything other than the ability to remain a stay at home mom. He responded that there had to be something that was special to her and I just gazed back at him with a dumbfounded stare. I couldn’t think of a thing.

All the typical things that came to mind just didn’t fit my wife like jewelry, clothing, expensive vehicle, shoes, purses, and etc. While driving home, I brought up the conversation I had at work with my wife and her response was what I expected. She stated that she was fine and didn’t need anything.

While talking to her, I suddenly remembered the one thing that she loves to death. I said what about a Disney World trip and I could tell in her voice that she would love to go Disney for a full 7 day stay.  I immediately told her to start planning and I will come up with the money. She didn’t think I was serious at the time, but I was serious as a heartbeat.

Once she started planning the Disney World trip and telling me  about different options and related cost, I suddenly realized how much I loved my wife. We visited Disney World back in 2008, but you got a bang for your buck back then. We were able to fly to Orlando and stay on the resort for about $2700. This also included the meal plan which was out of this world. I remember eating at high quality restaurants every day and receiving a set number of snacks were included daily.  

It amazes me that the same trip only cost $2700 just over 10 years ago , but now The Walt Disney World Resort Trip  with one extra body will cost over $5000. In order to make the trip happen, we must forgo the dining planning and settle for bottled water and tuna fish sandwiches.  I was a bit frustrated at first, but after a few growls and smart comments, I decided to behave myself and focus on the reason of the trip.

So here we are one year later with everything planned and ready to go for the Walt Disney World Resort trip. My wife decided for us to stay at All Star Movies and rejected my idea for us to upgrade. That’s still in the air but I might be able to talk her into to it over time.  We will be staying there 7 days and will be surprising the children with the trip not once, but twice.

For starters, the younger kids have never flown before and they currently think we are driving to Florida to see my parents. This is a traditional trip that we make about every six months that takes about 14 to 15 hour drive. The plan is to load the van up as if we are going to drive to Florida, but then detour to the airport.

This in itself will make for an extremely exciting trip for the family. Once in Florida, we will visit my family for two days and then surprise the kids again. My wife plans to hand each one our children a T-shirt with Mickey Mouse on in it and the secret will be out. The Disney World trip will begin with our kids jumping up and down in joy.

As you know, plans are created to be broken but hopefully everything will go off without a hitch. We should have 7 days of fun in the sun hopefully with very little down time. I know my wife and I am sure that she has every second of the day planned from the time we wake up until when we go to bed.

God willing this trip will be forever remembered by my family who loves Disney World and they will appreciate the sacrifices made to make trip happen. Hopefully the Walt Disney World Resort Trip for my wife  will go down in history as one of our families best trips ever. 

The Walt Disney World Resort Trip for My Wife

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