Lost In The Past 1/23/20

Lost In The Past
Lost in the Past is a Poem about love and regret


Have you ever imagined being married to your first love,

I am sure it is like watching a gliding white dove,

You remember them from the past,

But you know this fictional tale will never last.

The retrospect of spring fling fun,

Will leave you destined for quite a sad stun.

You must be freed from this prison of despair,

But the search for lost love is not going to be the repair.

Please focus on your current relations dying flare ,

For misery always follows any sordid affair.

For life is to short to wander with regret,

Your solution is right beside you and you should never forget.

So turn your back to Facebook’s artificial snare,

And face the world as a newly rejuvenated pair.

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Lost In The Past