True Life Blogs Guest Blogger
           True Life Blogs Guest Blogger

    We welcome fellow writers and bloggers to contribute to our blog by becoming a guest blogger.  True Life Blogs  guest bloggers and writers will increase the diversity of subject matter, while receiving more exposure for their writings. We welcome you to submit any writing that you feel will fit within the atmosphere of this blog. Our goal is to keep this blog as family friendly as possible, but we do not want you to deviate from your natural writing  style.   

     This blog will accept all sorts of writings; blog, essay, short stories, poems, narrative, instructional, editorial, humor, haiku, and etc. Our goal is to keep an open mind towards subject matter and to create diversified blog. Just remember to attempt to keep your writing PG Rated because this is a family friendly blog. 

      The guest writer will retain all copyrights to any materials submitted and or posted on True Life Blogs. It is important that any material submitted to this blog is owned entirely by the writer. We are not concerned if the material has been published elsewhere as long as if the writer created  and owns all copyrights to the material posted. If for any reason the writer would like their work to be removed from True Life Blogs, they will need to contact us and request the removal.  Please allow a reasonable amount time for this task to be accomplished if the situation arises. 

    If you would like to submit your writing, please go to our Contact Us Page and select the best method for  you to initiate communication.

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