Auction Up


  The auction day challenge this week was the unseasonably warm weather. I drove 1 1/2 hours to one of my favorite auctions to only be disappointed and frustrated. I broke one of my golden rules and I over paid for vintage and antique items.  I knew there was a problem as soon as I saw the parking overflowing with cars, trucks, and horse drawn wagons. Everyone seemed to have decided that today would be great day to attend an auction in the 80 degree weather.  It really should have been the 40’s this time of year and I guess we can blame global warming for that.

                I was pretty excited about my friend attending the auction dayand I was determined to show him how awesome estate sale auctions can be. We got off to a pretty slow start then I started to find my mojo halfway through the day. The problem that I kept running into was the excessively high prices due to all the competition. I should have thrown in the towel, but I decided to stand my ground which was a poor decision indeed.

           I have a little unwritten rule that whatever item that caught my eye and drew me to the auction will be mine by the close of the day. In this case it was antique books. I brought almost every book displayed at the auction. At the time I didn’t care about the prices I was paying, but once I got home and inventoried my booty, I knew that I had spent too much. To this, I say oh well and there will be better auction day hauls in the future

                Ironically, the auction that I visited last week was empty due to beautiful weather. All I can do is push on and plan my next treasure hunt.

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